How to Sell Android App in Google Play

If you want to sell apps,  in google play store you’ll need a Google App developer  Account. A normaly android user buy app in very critical condition,because lots of free app available in google play store. Example Powerapm video player is paid price 67rs but thousand of free alternate app available like MX player which is top downloaded app in play store why people buy Poweramp. So, for sell app in google play you have to use creative mind and unique idea then you can sell app in google play.If you have all these quality you can do. First of all you have to make an app developer account below are some step you have to do.

To Setup Developer Account:-

1. Sign in to your Google Play Developer Console at Google Play Developer Console for the first time you have to pay 1500 INR.developer account | google |


2. You have to create an android app and, if you want to learn to how to create app you can visit google official website Build you first app.

Publish app | google app |

3.Publish on the the google Playstore After created the full APK. file you have to go on the play store console and publish them.

Publish | google app |

4. After publised youre app you have option for sell app and set price and also, if you do not want to sell youre app you can  monetize  for Google Adsense. its mean google will show ads on you app and if user click on ads you will earn some $$$.

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