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Chrome browser offers you a large amount of extensions that can be added-on to improve your browsing experience. Google’s Chrome browser is fast, Popular, secure and free. You have got the lot of benefit in order to using the Google extension. With the built-in developer tools there seems to be no further need for more tools. Here we are sharing some of the best chrome extensions. Go and install these best chrome extensions 2016 to make your work smarter and better. You can also download the Google Chrome Offline Installer need to improve your web browsing experience.

Best Google Chrome Extension:

Adblock Plus:

There’s no doubt some sites go completely overboard with spammy adverts, covering their pages with blinking, flashing, annoying distractions(All annoying ads, Animated ads, Autoplay – sound ads, Overlay ads, Pop-ups / Pop-unders, Expanding ads, Interstitial page ads, Video ads / Overlay in-video ads, Facebook ads, Webmail ads ).

Page Analytics:

Page Analytics works as an extension that shows you how customers interact on your website. Similar to a heatmap, it shows in real-time the top areas clicked by your site users. Keep in mind, you have to have access to Google Analytics on the website you’re using. It’s a great way to see an overview of your site interaction.

Keep in mind, you have to have access to Google Analytics on the website you’re using. It’s a great way to see an overview of your site interaction.

Window Resize:

This Chrome extension is a very useful tool that does exactly as it says on the tin – resizes your browser window to help you with your responsive website designs. Choose from a list of popular monitor dimensions or add custom sizes and resolutions for increased accuracy.

One Tab:

Let me ask a question.

How many of you have more than 8 tabs open right now?  Yes, right now.

Go look.  If you’re one of those people with a gazillion tabs open , we’ve got an awesome extension to consolidate your tabs.  The OneTab icon to convert all of your tabs into a list. When you need to access the tabs again, you can either restore them individually or all at once.

This, test sentence is cool; you know.

Google Dictionary:

Google Dictionary is one of the Best Chrome Extensions for finding the words meaning. Now you do not have to need to go new tab and then search your word on google, you can easily search your word by using this extension. You just double click on the word to view its definition in a small pop-up bubble. You can also store your words history which you have looked up so you can read them later again. It also can translate all type of language in your language of choice.

Grammarly chrome:

Grammarly for chorme is good extension in Google Chrome for Check spelling and grammar mistake. Using this extension you never type wrong spelling or grammar, It helps you to type right spelling or grammar which easy to read for user. Adding Grammarly to chrome Provide you great feature that your spelling and grammar will be vetted on G-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Tumblr,and nearly everywhere else you write on the web.

Invite All:

We’ve all been there.  You create a new Facebook page and want to share it with friends.

However, Facebook makes you highlight each one page by page.  What if you have more than 500 friends?

What if you have 5,000?

This cool little script disguised as an extension will highlight EVERYONE in your list and send them an invite.  Now, before you go all crazy keep in mind, use this extension in moderation.  No one wants to follow EVERY page you create.

Cheaker Plus For Google Calendar:

Not only will your calendar be at the ready via a button on the bookmark bar, but you can add items quickly with a simple highlight and right click. No more flipping over to another tab for calendar needs. Now, it can all live within one tab. This is great for both teachers’ and students’ organization in terms of setting reminders, assignment due dates, and appointments/meetings. The options within the extension allow you to further customize it to fit your needs.


One challenge of working in Google Docs is the need to constantly check to see if collaborators have made changes. With the WatchDoc extension, you can automatically receive pop-up notifications of changes made to shared documents, streamlining workflow, and expediting collaboration.


If you’ve ever wondered what font a website was using but had no idea on how to find out, this cool lil’ tool will help. With this extension, you could inspect web fonts by just hovering on them. Boom!  You’re welcome.

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